Establishment of a company

a limited liability company


What do you need to set up an s.r.o. ?

Ready made companies

Ready-made companies are already established companies prepared for sale and immediate “use“. You can operate the company since the date of signature of agreements on the transfer of shares (issue invoices, act on behalf of the company, etc.)

These companies have never carried out any business activities. They have a trade license for all unqualified trades and their authorised capital is paid in its entirety.

Fast and easy

Ready made registered companies

The easiest way to have a company registered for VAT is to buy it directly. In contrast to complicated registration through a voluntary application, which never guarantees a 100% success or receiving a registration based on turnover that is not easy to achieve by everyone, this is a very effective and fast option.

Do you trade with VAT registered companies both on input and output? Would you like to have a VAT registered company already tomorrow? After the signature of agreements on the transfer of shares, you are free to operate your company and immediately be active on the market. All essentials will not take a long time to arrange.

All our companies have been vetted as debt-free with all the relevant authorities. All the accounting books are available for inspection.

We are offering unrivalled prices that react to supply and demand on the market.


·         all books available

·         everything is transparent