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Be always at the center of the action

Address in the centre

Registered office at a prestigious address without any unnecessary paperwork or increased expenses. Our address will be registered in the Trade register.

The office does not have to be physical today

What is a (virtual) registered office?

If you are starting your business and becoming a legal person, you must have an established registered office (following the Trade Licensing Act). Without it, the legal person cannot even originate or exist. The principle is the same as in physical persons, who have a clearly established permanent residence. And thanks to the novelisation of the Civil Code from 2009, the office may also be virtual.

It is an address, a place where the business entity (s.r.o. – a limited liability company, a.s. – a joint-stock company, z.s. – an interest association, etc.) has its registered office. Upon the establishment of the company, it is included in the articles of association and upon its origin, it is also entered into the Trade register. In law, it is defined as the address where he legal person actually resides. For physical persons, it is rather defined as “place of business”.

What is needed for a headquarters

Main conditions:

Company = registered office

A company cannot originate without a registered office

Proof of registered office

As an entity, you are obligated to prove your ownership right, the right to use or another similar right to the building or space in which you your registered office is located.