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Business visas

Establishment of a company in the Czech Republic

We will help you to set up your new company. Thanks to a team of professionals, everything will be easy, and you can start your business only in a few days. We will prepare all the documents related to the establishment of your company. We will arrange a meeting with a notary public and at the bank. We will provide a registered office or help you find a location for your office, storage, commercial or production facilities.

Another option is also to buy a company already existing in the Czech Republic.

Contact us for more information, we will be happy to prepare an offer for you.

New company - s.r.o

Foreigners running a business in the Czech Republic

S.r.o. (a limited liability company) is one of the most common and most frequently used types of authorisation in the Czech Republic.

Every foreigner who aims to become an associate and at the same time an executive director of an s.r.o., has to prove their clean criminal record prior to the registration of the company by submitting an excerpt from the Criminal Registry of the Czech Republic and from their home country. However, if the foreigner is an associate of the s.r.o., the excerpt from the Criminal Registry will not be necessary. Same as in the case of a joint-stock company, the associates and executive directors are not obligated to have a residence permit on the territory of the Czech Republic.

Prior to the establishment of a company, it is very important to determine the business shares, associates and executive directors of the company. Further, it is necessary for the company to have a registered office on the territory of the Czech Republic, which must be properly marked (with a name and IČ – company registration no. – of the company) and which will also be registered in the Business Register.

To operate a business, the executive director of the company must also apply for a trade license for the type of operation that the limited liability company will be performing.

All the documents must be submitted to the Business Register, which will register the company. After registration in the Business Register, the Ministry of Interior will set up a data mailbox for the s.r.o., which serves for official communication of the company with relevant authorities.

This data mailbox will then be used, for example, for registration of the company at the Revenue Authority.

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